Based on the latest prioritization of capabilities, the next latest release, Version 2.15 was approved for release in November 2020.

EVE 2.15 continued to build upon the previous releases. The changes in the latest release include:

User work area redefined as the EVE Workspace. Users can have “N” number of workspaces and are managed from within EVE.

Users can run multiple instance of EVE simultaneously. Independent log files for each instance.

Proximity/Collision analysis now tertiary, Collision, Clear, or Glance. Glance was added to provide feedback that objects came so close that EVE could not determine a distance between the objects nor a point of collision.

Line of Sight now has a Range attribute which is the distance from starting point to first intersection if one is found. The range can be used in data displays like any other value.

Angles are now defined using reference frames and user defined vectors rather than icons. Angles also now provide projection capability for projection a vector onto a plane.

Meta data can now read a multi-column file, consisting of columns separated by semicolons. The user can set EVE to load all or subset of the data in the file.

Data Displays now use anchor points to define position. One anchor is on the display and another anchor point is on viewport. Both consist of 9 location options (corners, midpoints or center) along with an offset value to define position.

EVE logo also now uses anchor point to move the logo around during capture. This value is set within the EVE preferences.

When using elliptical or spherical models, users can set the texture used of the celestial body.

New base textures for the Earth and Moon and several other planets.

EVE provides a basic atmosphere for visualization purposes. A default is provided for each celestial body with an atmosphere but each can be customized under the graphics tab for the celestial body. EVE takes into account altitude and time of day to adjust the visual of the atmosphere.

Several new lunar terrain models have been created. A global 2km resolution model will be part of default distribution. A 60m global model has been created that will be installed on servers for linking against will be provided due to its size.

EVE’s interface for creating terrain files directly within EVE removed.

New tether/pick added. Double clicking an item in the mission tree will tether the user to the object selected. Alt Left mouse selection of an object in the scene will pick the object within the mission tree. Alt Double Click Left Mouse selection of an object in the scene pick the object and tether the user to the object. Alt Right mouse selection of an object will select the user to the Craft selected if one is found. Alt Double Click Right mouse selection will select and tether the user to the Craft selected if one if found.

Several interface bugs corrected including enabling/disabling LOS viewing, and the resetting of values with precision camera.