Based on the latest prioritization of capabilities, the next latest release, Version 2.14 was approved for release in November 2018.

Version 2.14 builds upon the capabilities of Version 2.13 with enhancements focused on increased platform support, analysis improvements, user interface updates, and visualization updates.  Specifically :

EVE 2.14 now supports Windows 10, RHEL 7 and MacOS V11.  The capabilities across all platforms are the same.

Several enhancements were made to the analysis capabilities.  An option was created to disable the rendering of the scene during analyses to potentially improve computation time.  This option was also added tot he command line options for batch processing.  Also added to batch processing was the ability to automatically shutdown EVE when an analysis is complete.  Proximity/Collision reporting now supports writing the closest point or collision point to the output data.  Joints were modified to have a default fixed dynamics mode rather than requiring dynamics data or scripted data.

A copy functionality was added to EVE for crafts, assemblies, parts, thrusters, and reference frames.  When a given object type is copied, the user has the option to having the copy transcend into children objects.  Each child type is provided as an option. Dynamics data is not copied into the newly created object types.

Bookmark scheduling has been modified to provide an option to the user to select which window to fire the bookmark when using a multi window setup.  If a window number is used that is not currently being displayed (ie window 2 through 4 when a single window is displayed), the bookmark is ignored.

Thrusters now support the user of a geometry model for visual representation in addition to the cone or swept models.  Thrusters can also be scaled in 1, 2 or 3 axes when using a variable thrust model.

Paths now have a width property.

Icon colors can be changed after they have been created.