1. You must first submit a software request letter. It is important that you submit the request letter with on letterhead. You may mail your request or fax it to 757-864-6500. Email requests using company or government email are also acceptable, but may take a bit longer to verify. Sample requests:
  2. If you are not US Government or US Military, you must have an active grant or contract with the US Government. Your US Government Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR) for the contract or Point of Contact (PoC) for the Grant must provide a letter containing your active contract or grant and your need for EVE to support the contractor grant.
  3. Once the request letter (and support letter if applicable) has been received, the Software Releasing Authority (SRA) will perform a background check. After successfully passing the check, the SRA will contact you and provide you with the Software Usage Agreement required by NASA Langley Research Center. To check the status of your EVE request, please contact Software Release Office.
  4. Upon completion of software usage agreement, you will be contacted to verify the Operating System(s) on which you will be executing EVE. You will then receive a link to where you can download your specific files and a separate email detailing information needed to unpack the software.

Check the status of your request

To check the status of your EVE request, please contact Software Release Office.